How 140 characters changed my life.

You might remember this post about Why Yammer Failed. If you have been to my blog before, it was probably because you searched “Yammer”  and were reading that post. I got more traffic on that post (and still do everyday) than anything I have ever seen. Ever.  What happened afterwards is a bit of spiral, thus the reason why I haven’t been blogging like I set out to do. 

Moments after I tweeted the link to the blog post via twitter, and I had tons of retweets, comments and new followers. One in particular that caught my eye, David Sacks, CEO and Founder of Yammer.

See the Tweets that’s started below (starting from the bottom).

After these initial tweets – I privately messaged David through twitter about learning more about the opportunities at Yammer. We exchanged email addresses and I sent over my resume with the areas I felt that I could fit into their organization. I was quickly looped through recruiting and flown to San Francisco to Yammer headquarters for an onsite interview. Things started to shape and happened pretty fast. We were about to move across country…

If you back track a few steps (and posts) remember when I bought my house through Facebook? At the time this all started, we hadn’t even moved in and had been living out of boxes anticipating the move for about a month.

Two roadblocks preventing this huge change:

  • House
  • Husband’s job

However, a few weeks into the interviewing, my husband asked to be relocated to the East Bay (10 minutes from SF). And then we found a great family to rent our house for the year.  Things were really starting to fall into place.

After some hard goodbyes to my family,

friends and co-workers,

it was time to start the next chapter in our journey.  We chose to live in Walnut Creek about 30 miles outside of the city.

My first day at Yammer was April 25th. I have to say so far it has been a great experience.  I get really excited and have to pinch myself that I am actually here, in California. I will be sharing what I am learning about enterprise social networking and everything else in upcoming blog posts…  like how Yammer has already reduced my email inbox. I actually forget to check my email throughout the day. Something that was unheard of at my previous employer. But that’s for another post…

Stay tuned  – promise to up my blogging game.