Don’t be a Twitter Egghead

Ok – I get it. Twitter is confusing. And sometimes it can be a bit tricky of how to get started, and who to follow and everything. But if you are responsible for the marketing of your company, please be on twitter. And don’t just be on it as an egghead. And have one tweet.

Actually BE on it.



After reading this article about Are CMOs still digitally Naive?  I almost lost it. How can they still be? Should Chief Marketing Officers be allowed to have Twitter accounts and now use them? Hi – welcome to 2011. If I can teach my mom how to use Twitter I think it’s time you do the same. Also – when your company’s Facebook page is just really the wikipedia’s information brought to Facebook… I think it’s time you let your marketing guru’s out of the bag and tell them to get started…  

I am ranting about this – because I am traveling to a customer this week, so in order to gain some insight about them I did my normal social media scout. I found out pretty much nothing. Sad because people are talking about them, yet no one is engaging with them. I wonder how many other companies, even B2B companies don’t have their ear to the ground, listening and hearing and talking to those who are talking about them?

Anyways – my own tips on getting started with twitter.

  1. Search your industry or your profession – follow leaders. Not just talking news bot heads, real people. And begin to learn from them.
  2. Have your profile actually say something (I know its short, but link back to something more).
  3. CHANGE YOUR PROFILE PICTURE FROM THE EGG HEAD. and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Don’t get addicted to twitter, but engage.
  5. Search your Company’s name, stock ticker, CEO, and see what is being said and by whom.
  6. Start engaging with your network. Don’t just retweet. Don’t just talk about yourself. Actually engage, converse and help each other out.
  7. Find a twitter chat that is about something your are interested, and try it out with . You will learn more in an hour than ever before – plus you will find lots of people with common interests.
What other tips do you have to get people started on Twitter? Share them in the comments!
If you haven’t already read How 140 Characters Changed my Life – you should. I am a Twitter believer.  What’s keeping you?