How we bought our house through Facebook…

So I am a social media nut.  I am also obsessed with Facebook and networking. Not just going to parties and passing out MY business card. I am all about helping people by referring them to people I already know. Its like my brain is a huge Rolodex. Any time anyone says anything I am always referencing in my head how I could help them with my network of people.  Check out this BLOG POST about being world class…

Anyways, one random day my husband and I were both off work and I was on Facebook (gasp)… and some friends we knew from college were selling their house. I knew this but I never knew how much they were asking for it. He listed his house on Facebook Marketplace and based on the number of “Likes” and comments it gets – it displays more at the top of people’s feeds. He and his wife work for Campus Crusade and were relocated to  Indianapolis to work for the regional office. They couldn’t begin their ministry their until they sold their house and moved… (see blog for their SOLD post..) Anyways – I looked at my husband and said we could do this. We love our place currently and get a great deal and have enough space – but we never planned on staying here forever.

I called him and we set up a showing that same day. I, of course , fell in love with the house… It was perfect for us. My husband wasn’t so sure… we began the process of getting a mortgage and put in an offer… ALL WITHOUT A REALTOR! Based on people we knew,  we found a lender, inspector, home owners insurance, title company and more! We had exceptional service and repsect from everyone and we closed right in time to get a 2010 tax break. From talking with our friends and family – we got ideas of what to be doing and how to be handling things. From all the internet sites we gained knowledge of what to bring and expect for each step of the way. Anyways, we won’t move in until February or so… Which works perfect because we are in no hurry to leave our place, and we need to help find someone to rent our place– (know of anyone?).

My advice:

  • Buying a home is very emotional. Make sure you have someone who doesn’t have the emotion — we could have paid too much or done something too crazy if it wasn’t for my level headed husband. 🙂
  • You don’t need to pay for a Realtor when you are buying… you have alot of resources at your fingertips if you have friends and a computer.
  • If you are selling… make sure you are doing your part too – don’t just rely on your Realtor. (My husbands father is selling his house… I could make a better pamphlet than he is paying her too.. I almost want him to drop her because she hasn’t done much to get the buzz around. ) You can never tell too many people!
  • Ask questions. No dumb question – we had no idea what we were doing, however we did have some Dave Ramsey experience… about mortgages and debt etc.
  • Make a plan and stick to it — ie. a budget!
  • Get creative with negotiation. I was so impressed by what we did (ok.. what my husband did) to negotiate. We got what we wanted, and they got what they needed. Everyone was happy in the end. There is so much more than the PRICE to negotiate on…

Hope your holiday was great…. and don’t knock Facebook – to some people it has changed their lives… and will continue to…


Have you bought anything through Facebook? Would you ever? What about a house!?? Would you ever sell your things on Facebook??


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