Granny Smith

I am working on branding myself. I love granny smith apples and have decided to go that way. Not that I want to be looked at like a granny or a fruit – but that I want to be fresh, crisp and juicy. That may have come out wrong. But I want to learn and share things in a fresh, crisp manner. A way that will encourage other to do the same – in the classroom and throughout.  I just ordered new business cards – that will stand out. They are granny smith green – and vertical.  (I hope they look as good as they did online).  My favorite candies are sour green apple, and granny smith apples are the only ones I will eat. 

Granny Smith


Here is a picture of Granny Smith herself. She, like many others, never knew the sucess of her innovation during her lifetime. 

This blog will include things that I am learning about incoporating social media, generations and innovations into the classroom – whether it’s virtual or in a conference room. If you are interested also in Learning Development, Instructional Design, eLearning and Corporate Training – please let me know!

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