Changement…. That’s a made up word in English (i guess its a french word.. no wonder I thought it was OK to type). But lately the term change management has been on my mind so much that I made it into one word. Like I have spelled it as the title of the blog post, without realizing what I was doing.

Change management play such a huge role in training. Its almost the first step and the training is a by product of the change management approach. We have dedicated change management people on my team and its been great to learn from them. They have been really focusing on things that a trainer also had to focus on, without the title. I remember working on a project before SAP and the change management was so huge. I mean, your solution should be user friendly enough that your customers don’t need trained right? Not the case with this project. But I felt like I couldn’t devote enough time to the changement because of the amount of training documentation that needed to be done. The changement piece brings about the right stakeholder in the room to make decisions about the change and get the word out. Training piece of the pie helps by working the change into the training. You could say that training is basically a form of changement. Or that’s what I have come to think anyways.

Your customer desire training because of a change they are expecting to see – whether it’s performance, system, behavioral or some other change. It stems from that. The thing that I have seen is that people dint think the change is that big of a deal and they don’t do much about it…. That’s when issues come into place. I think that sometimes changes with for example a system can really shake  the identity of the employee.

An example of this came last weakened when I was painting with a good friend and she was telling me how distraught her sister was at her work. Her sister is a nurse and they are rolling out a mobile system that the nurse have to enter the patient’s data so that way next time they come in their vitals, allergies and everything is already in the system. Sounds really cool to me, however my friend went on to explain that it’s really caught her sister off guard. She gets it, about being up to date with systems and technology, but how does this system make her a better caregiver to each and everyone of her patients? She has been an amazing care-giving for many years without THIS so why now? Her sister is going through identity crisis at 52 wondering if she really was meant to be a nurse at all or if  she should hang up her scrubs now while she is ahead.  As she was telling me this story I knew what was missing…. There wasn’t any one managing the change that would affect their workforce. No one understood why, and why now, and the Whats in it for me, and the reasoning. The target group wasn’t involved in building the solution, thus took no ownership when it finally became the reality.

This happens all the time, but what should organizations do about it? What are your organizations doing about that changes that come into the work place? Or is your organization mature and not changing anything anytime soon? do you have dedicated people focused in change and the impact it will have on your organization? What do they do? I would love to hear your thought or stories of good or bad changement