Strengths Finder – Activator

A few months or so ago my previous team and I did the strengths finder test. Have you heard of it?

Anyways – it’s an assessment of questions and you have to answer (within a few seconds) of how you would respond. At the end of it you are given your top 5 strengths, actions plans and tons of resources of how to expand on your strengths. When I was done, my top 5 were spot on. We met as a team a week or two later to discuss all of our strengths and how we can work better as a team. By knowing the strengths of our team members, when they start to drive you crazy because they ________ (fill in the blank) it’s actually because of who they are.  Like my one co-worker always re-working anything that you give to her, but it’s not because what you did was not good enough, it’s because she is a “Maximizer”.  She takes whatever you have given her (or from a group of people) puts its to a whole new level that no one else saw before.

One of my strengths is “Activator“. I like to take action. And it drives me crazy when people don’t do what they say they are going to do. Or if they have a need and don’t take action upon that need. For example, if I need to know how to do something – I try whatever venue I can to figure it out. I guess I didn’t know it was a strength – I felt like everyone does that when they don’t know something. Boy – was I wrong.

Recently I participated in a focus group about SharePoint at my former company. And while I don’t think SharePoint is perfect I do think its really powerful. You can do a ton of stuff. And we actually have custom and vendor training material posted about how to use it.  However, during this focus group everyone complained about how they were never trained.

Now I am all about training (HELLO ITS MY JOB!) but if I wait around, sign up and never go to training… and then complain that I never got trained – THATS A DIFFERENT STORY. For goodness sake – you do know how to use google, right?  Or are you still waiting for that training too?

Regardless – I need to work on my patience. Some people (myself) are very “active” and will not wait for someone to spoon feed them something, especially when we have so many resources and networks of people at our fingertips.  Others – would rather wait until someone tells them what to do.

What’s your strength? Does it bug you when others have the complete opposite of your strength? What do you need to learn in order to deal with other people in your organization? Do you understand the people around you and their strengths? Or are you just going wait…