Are you World Class or Well-Rounded?

So my husband and I are taking Financial Peace University – by Dave Ramsey. Its changing the way we view – money, debt, life, goals – you name it he has talked about it. Its something that isn’t taught in business school. If you are like me, I didn’t learn it from my parents (more or less, I learned what not to do). But since we are newly wedded, and we know that a lot of marriages end because of money issues – we were being proactive. (note: he always wears the same outfit.) Anyways – NOT the point of this post.

He talks about using your strength to do something that you, uniquely can do better than anyone else.  His stories he shares, about how parents push their children to figure out weaknesses and to help strengthen them… almost instead of building and continuing to build their strengths. Like, if you always wanted your son to be an engineer, but he always got a D in math – but straight A’s on everything else.. maybe he isn’t cut out to be the engineer after all.

Anyways -he talks a lot about being “well rounded” – just means you are OK at a bunch of things.

But you need not to be well rounded, but World Class.

Wow. That stuck out to me. World Class, eh? What in the world, do I do better than anyone in this world?  And how can I use that micro-niche to figure out how to scale it to the world that is looking for it?

What do you think?  Do you think its more important to be world class or well rounded? Well rounded-ness is what they teach you in College – that’s why you have to take Astronomy when you are studying Accounting. Or I took – Phsyics of Light and Color. Well-rounded – my a** – I hated that class and I was well aware that science, is not one of my strengths – so I knew it was not going to end well (Thankfully for a huge curve and answered prayers, I passed. I don’t remember anything I learned btw).

I believe that our companies – should be working more towards our strengths – acknowledge the weaknesses and figure out what the gaps are and fill those gaps with people and tools with that strength. What is the Learning and Development and Training Department’s role in all this?  Where do we fit in, with helping associates and managers figure this out? Or is that of someone else responsibility?

I would say – I am world class networker, and very resourceful. If I don’t know/have it personally – give me 30 seconds to think of someone who does, or who will know someone that does. It happens DAILY in my job. It happened all the time while I was in College, and before.  I have to be in the know – and I love knowing.

So I think I am aware what I do really well, and what I don’t do well – and currently, I am working with my manager to figure out how to play to my strengths – while still attending to those things I don’t do exceptionally well – but leveraging the resources that are available to me to get those other things done.

Some of these books were mentioned to read and I am very interested in getting my hands into some of these. Let me know if you read them and your thoughts!

The Dip by Seth Godin

48 Days to the Work You Love , and No More Mondays- Dan Miller

Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Good to Great – Jim Collins


Supporting SAP and Social Media

So – My company is immplementating SAP. I feel like I should be a cheerleader – like this dude above here. Anyways – I have been tasked to research, build a strategy and implement  and put into play how social media tools can be used to support this beast. I know I have big ideas that  I have been thinking about and dreaming of  could be really put to the test. I have been talking to a bunch of groups of people inside and outside of work about using the micro blogging sites to build communities and everything — and I know it could work here. I just need to figure out a plan…. these are the three times that I need to focus on:

1. Support for our User Accepting Testing – this is needed for the actual support teams – as there will be 3 groups (NA, EMEA, and ASIA) supporting this tasks – how can they stay connected.

2. Support for End User Training – how to get the buzz going to build confidence in the system to bring about the changes that will occur.

3. Support for Go-Live – and after — how do develop our associates the ability to help themselves… instead of depening on that one person in the company that knows everything about the one process.

My boss was saying how great IM’ing was and its so powerful when you just need a quick question answer. I said, “I completely agree, but that only works when you know who the right person is to answer the question. What happens when you have a question that you DON’T know who would know the answer?”  He started to look at what I was saying in a different light.

I know there is power in the social media tools – now I need to figure it out and convince them of it to use for this implementation… I am excited. OH yeah, number 1. starts in May. YIKES!  Better get moving…

I have also been tasked to build a strategy around a more formal internship program for our company. This is such a great opportunity for me – not an immediate need, but one goal I have for the year. Maybe in the fall I will be able to have something concrete. I guess its been on my boss’s wish list for 3 years now and I think it would be really cool if I could help him cross it off.