I couldn’t live without…

What’s one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Smart Phone

I honestly don’t know how I lived without one. I used to have a simple phone that I would primary used  for texting.

I got my first cell phone when I turned 16 because of driving and for emergencies. By the time I started college my family used cell phones so much that we got rid of our land line almost 7 years ago. Plus anyone that called the house was for my mom, and they could call her cell anyways.

Now I have a phone with internet and email and social media networks and calorie counting apps, and map apps and everything in between. I just have the blackberry and most days it drives me crazy. But I think one reason why I couldn’t live without it – is when I forget it.. I feel lost. It keeps me connected – to my friends and family. If something happened, they would let me know. Without a cell phone… what.. send smoke signals? 🙂

However, over the past few years I know how important having real intentional time with people can be. While it may not always be practical to see all my friends (they live in all states and countries) thank goodness for the phone (and FACEBOOK) to keep us connected. I just know how important it is to have that real time together to grow and communicate face to face.  I think cell phone should be an enabler – but not take the place of face time.

What technology do you wish would disappear from the world?

Blue tooth headsets. Or may just the people that wear them out. At dinner. At church. At the grocery store. They are so annoying to me. Our company got them for us to be “safe”.. I refuse to use it. They don’t fit my ear and I am more focused on getting it to work and sound correct that it is more unsafe than not. Also I think people are talking to themselves… until I realize they have the blue tooth headset in. So annoying. See picture below. If that was my husband and I on a date… not off to a good start…









What about you? What could you NOT live without?  and what technology do you wish would disappear from the world?


4 thoughts on “I couldn’t live without…

  1. Agree with your bluetooth rant. Nothing quite as rude as someone talking with you, suddenly talking on their bluetooth while STILL looking at you. Confusing! And all they need to do is excuse themselves, move away and talk in private.

  2. Come on is it not a common sense and basic etiquette issue. I completely understand how one would feel (in the pic) above, but completely bashing the BT headset tech for that is a little too much, right !?

    I love my BT headset , got to it after lot of trial and homework, the Jabra one give me a snug fit, comfortable to wear and use. It is as good as or in this context as bad as my smart phone 🙂

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