Traditionally Changing….


It’s always different when you experience it first hand. Change is hard.

This year was the first year that I didn’t celebrate Christmas with my family, instead I went to my husbands family. There wasn’t an option to do both bc of distance and energy. Anyways – rewind a bit to my years of growing uo and celebrating Christmas.

My family is known for the traditions at Christmas. We knew what we would eat and when, which church service we were going to go to on Christmas eve, when to open our stockings and what treats we would have after Santa. We are a food and lots of presents family. And games of course. Some Christmases, when we were little we even did plays and skits and songs for everyone.


This year it was different. We celebrated christmas at my house last year bc it made sense bc of the wedding, so it was only fair to switch up thanksgiving and christmas the following year (meaning this year).

My husband’s family doesn’t have traditions and each year it’s different. Also there weren’t many presents under the tree, and stockings only for decoration.  I survived, but it was different. I felt like I was on the verge of tears all day long, not because I was sad, but just coming to the realization that life is starting to really change. 

So I really started to think about this – change- piece again. Often times I embrace change with wide open arms… But this one I don’t know if i can let go… I get antsy with life wanting to  GO GO GO and for whatever reason that is…. This tradition, of Christmas eve and day,  I want to hold on to… As long as I can. I hope that in my job now I can truly see how hard some changes are for people.

What things are you holding on to? What is an area of your life that you just can’t change? What traditions are you not wiling to let go? But….What should you be changing?


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